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There are over 15,000 unique Sports & Entertainment Events in North America each year – including professional sports, minor league sports, collegiate sports, concerts, festivals, and other entertainment events. In North America alone, we see an opportunity of over 56 million+ drink carriers in distribution each year across just the 4 major sports leagues (NFL, MLB, NBA & NHL) – and this number does not even include any pre-season play, or exciting playoffs/championships. Advertisers can use our Sports + Entertainment Network to selectively target specific events or geographic regions in a cost-effective manner that align themselves with beloved sports & entertainment brands.

Our Portable Billboard™ drink carriers also help to reduce venue waste, improve venue safety, and increase concession operational efficiency. As a result, Cup Carrier Media is working with Levy Restaurants which could provide direct access to over 200+ sports and entertainment venues across North America – and more venues are added every day to provide opportunities to align with practically any sport, team, entertainer, or production.

Earn Money Using CupLs™ Today!

  • Targeted towards professional sports or large venue based entertainment  

  • Media can be sold with a 50%-100% mark-up to increase teams sponsorship revenues by up to $1 million, every year!

  • A simple and effective way to help extend your promotional and sponsorship inventory with a NEW and unique messaging channel with high retention, and which complements existing sponsorship channels offered

  • Concession Based Media™ can also be used for self-promotional purposes to help highlight team players or accomplishments, to highlight charitable or philanthropic causes, or to implement unique customer activations through Augmented Reality or custom digital & technological implementations.

  • In-house Advertising & Sponsorship Sales Departments are supported by the Cup Carrier Media Advertising Sales Team

  • Concessions operations benefits from improved efficiency and better use of valuable counter and storage space
  • Fans can now carry more of that awesome stadium food, increasing average basket size by 10% or more!

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Cup Carrier Media Corp. is listed as a Preferred Vendor with AATAC, in the “Cool New Products” category. AATAC represents 89,000+ Convenience Store retailers in the continental US.

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