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It is estimated that C-Stores in North America serve over 25 million coffees, soft drinks & frozen beverages PER DAY. Our Portable Billboard™ drink carriers provided alongside dispensed beverages are handy, easy to use, and help extend messaging from the retail location, into the hands of the patron, and ultimately, back to the home or office. For each carrier in circulation, we estimate 5-10 impressions as it leaves the store with the consumer and ventures to its end destination. 

Cup Carrier Media is a preferred vendor in “Cool New Products” category with AATAC, an organization representing over 90,000+ Convenience Store owners/retailers in North America (out of an estimated 156,000 total convenience stores). Our alignment with AATAC allows us to rapidly extend into any geographic region in less than 90 days. Once we expand into a region, participating retailers will be a part of our ever-growing Convenience Store Network, for future targeting and distribution of Concession Based Media™ messaging.

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  • Join our Concession Based Media™ program today, and start to save money by removing line-item expense of boring status-quo pulp paper trays!

  • Advertisers love the ability to put messaging directly into the hands of your patrons 

  • Turn-key solution where we bring the advertisers to you – we make it easy so you can just put them out and customers will use them

  • Attract more customers interested in participation with ongoing cross-promotions, exciting contests, redeemable coupons, and digital collectibles 

  • Extend promotions beyond the retail location with messaging carried out of the store to surrounding areas

  • Single-handed design lets patrons carry more purchased goods, increasing basket size by 10% or more 

  • Easy to use carriers take up less space and are provided alongside dispensed beverage cups, lids, and straws

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Cup Carrier Media Corp. is listed as a Preferred Vendor with AATAC, in the “Cool New Products” category. AATAC represents 89,000+ Convenience Store retailers in the continental US.

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